lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

Bluex - BluetoothFileshare

So, you bought an android phone and you found out that it cannot do a simple task as sharing via bluetooth. Duh!
This app comes to the rescue. It lets you send and receive files to/from other phones and devices that use the standard Obex Push protocol.

Unfortunally, due to limitations in current sdk, the app requires root access to work.
Learn how to root your G1 or Magic in

Some considerations:

- The core part of the program (not the gui) is programmed in C. For this reason, the program will not work on architectures other than arm (if you don't know what this means, don't worry, G1, Magic and most future android phone are arm).



- 1.1.2:
- using official way to install/load jni library now
- french translation updated
- The symbol of simple quote, used in english, french and italian was not showing, corrected now.

- 1.1.1:
- Corrections to italian translation

- 1.1:
- Change of core to give stability
- Integration with gallery share option, or with any other program that uses the SEND intent (e.g. astro explorer).
- When sending a file, bluex only supported the OPP profile. Now Bluex will try first the OPP profile, and if it fails, it will try to do same task using Obex FTP. This may fix some problems with some software not having an opp server (mainly pc software).
- Same thing than above but for server. Now, Bluex creates an obex ftp server too. This ftp server is limited to only pushing files. Reading files, listing or creating directories is not supported, but a fake success will be sent to the remote device, so that it is happy.
- Program has been translated to spanish (me), italian ( and french (
- An option to auto-accept files. It is done in a per-device base

- 1.0.2:
- Sending files now works without root mode. Receiving files is still not possible without root (and probably will not, attempting to listen to bluetooth socket fails without root).

- 1.0.1:
- Fixed a situation that could make the "send files" to stay gray.
- Fixed a critical bug that could sometimes corrupt the filename when sending (last character), but in the worst of cases the same bug could crash the program.


- Browse an obex ftp device.

Known problems: